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Total Evolution allows you to buy books to learn everything about the world of entertainment and wellness topics in paper, ebook, audio and other digital formats.

About the Author


During the past 30 years, Hélène Rousse has touched upon every detail of the entertainment world. She has gone from model to actress, to being a radio host, actor’s teacher & coach, and artist’s agent. She then decided to embark upon new horizons and higher challenges : to do casting. Helene is CEO of her casting agency for the past 20 years now at Total Casting

A well informed businesswoman, and member of a doyen associations including CSA,  Helene also owns the dubbing studio : Agile Entertainment. As a popular speaker, Helene travels across North America to discuss about the importance of voice in animation and video games. 

Already author of several books, Helene likes to inspire new emerging and innovative talent. 

We are waiting for the release of two more books designed especially for artists, and so they can have the knowhow to successfully enter the entertainment industry.

Helene does 1 on 1 private coaching.

Total Casting Agency

Total Casting provides Talent Casting Services for Feature Films, Video Games, Television, Commercials, Industrials, Documentaries, Music Videos, Print, Voice, reality-TV & Variety Entertainment. 

We are the liaison between producers / clients and agents / managers.


Helping producters  with castings of stars & locals for feature films around the world.


Help each of our clients to find the best casting in French or any other languages for TV series, reality shows,  web series and more.


We offer casting services to find the fashion model, the actor or cool talent

Help each of our clients to find the best casting in French or any other languages.


Our speciality is voice casting We have cast voice actors in more than 22 languages in animated films, series, videogames or any other production


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Total Casting

Our objective is to offer professional services. From script writing to the audition process, we deliver the talent you are looking for on time and on budget. Send your request for a quote.


Past work

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